We Believe Transformation Comes from Self-approval. If you too Focus on Health more than size, then we are Your Tribe. Register with us for a Fun-filled Journey to Your Fitness Lifestyle.

Fit Chilly is an initiative to make people fit keeping them motivated & happy. Fit Chilly is a combination of Fun & Fitness activities. We make fitness more competitive by introducing a betting model. In betting model, you can compete with your family, friends & other

Fit Chilly was founded in July 2021 by fitness enthusiasts Ms. Swatee, Ms. Namisha, Ms. Aashima, Ms. Ayushi & Mr. Gourav.

Fit chilly App aims as a one-stop solution for all health & fitness guidance-related needs. Offering a freemium model, Fit chilly provides free access to the diet & training tools, all of its features and access to a community of fitness experts & enthusiasts.

Users can get personalized guidance, customized plans & weekly checkups through Fit Chilly subscription model.

We welcome you to become a part of this fitness revolution.

Our Vision

Create a global community of people who want to get fit to love themselves. 

Our Mission

Create a global community of more than 1 billion people who are engaged in physical, emotional, and mindful well-being.